MECQ2: DAY 7 Run down

It's been 7 days since MECQ part 2 was announced. If you've forgotten what it stands for, here's a quick refresher: MODIFIED ENHANCED QUARANTINE Photo grabbed from : Philstar Now, this takes a toll on everyone-- especially because we've all been trying to grasp our wits end, since the ECQ (ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE) was announced … Continue reading MECQ2: DAY 7 Run down

MECQ2: DAY 3 Run down

At long last, my favorite day and month of the year has arrived. Although it isn't as much as what I've imagined or expected it to be for this year. Still, I have things to be blessed and thankful for. In this post, it is the third day of the Modified Enhanced Quarantine for the … Continue reading MECQ2: DAY 3 Run down

A Time in Corona

“The struggle is real.”        A phrase or expression that we often read on post, hear on other people’s stories when they face reality, and in this simple phrase, we realize that this individual has never lived a day in his life crawling. They were one of the few fortunate souls, blessed with love, care … Continue reading A Time in Corona