This Is Perhaps My Favorite Writing Tip to Share

First of all, I’m thanking adoptingjames for this amazing read. I loved how the tone of voice was written, and I think I can learn a great deal from what he has written.

So, If you’re a blogger, a writer or even though you haven’t decided yet. Check this reblogged entry from adopting james!

I know I liked where my eyes were lead.


I love reading book and movie reviews. To me, they’re more exciting than the trailer itself, because they don’t give much away; they just tell you wha to expect.

Because I like reviews so much and I am an author, I start my books AFTER they are written.

Let me explain.

Before I start writing, I imagine the book is complete and I open up the computer to look it up on Amazon to read the reviews. What kinds of reviews do I want to read about my books?

With The Man in the Box I really wanted to evoke a strong sense of suspense and tension. I wanted, above all, to put the readers on the edge of their seats. I wanted them to be so gripped and hooked by the story that they couldn’t put it down for the life of them.

And so, when writing, I always had that…

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