The Lucky #5 Pledge: The Motivation Starter

Are you having trouble looking for motivation?

(I won’t ask you to not worry, but I will ask you to think twice before you decide to take this pledge) Now why would I do that?

Well, I think it would be better to be said in a quote:

 The words we speak and write about reveals the true intentions of our hearts. Therefore, it is only just for anyone to respect themselves more, as they utter words of promise to themselves– by keeping it true and honorable. –Gpicks

About The Lucky #5 Pledge:

Technically, the pledge will never be special until the person who is making it happen upholds that pledge to the best of his/her ability. So, if you are wondering what is the goal of that pledge, it is actually to cultivate a habit of being honest and true to yourself. It is by keeping your little promises.

Mechanics of the Pledge:

How does it simply work? Well. It’s more like a reward system that you do for yourself. Here’s the five simple rules and steps to follow.

Step 1: Every Fifth day of every month, you can make a promise long term or short time to yourself that you will definitely make sure to uphold no matter what.

Step 2: Write a reminder where you can always see that promise around you. Example: On your desk, bedside drawer, cork board and etc.

Step 3: If you fail to uphold your promise. You are FREE to find the appropriate consequences EXCEPT GIVING UP.

Step 4: There is NO WORK AROUND or CHEAT DAYS when you make PLEDGE.

Step 5: You can do this with a friend or family, provided that they will do it with you.

So! This is all I have to share. I hope you guys will enjoy.