365 writing challenge day 8

Day 8 a mash up of prompts

I entered a different topic on the 7th day but then, I decided I still wanted to write about the topic that was supposedly written on that day. So, I’ll include it here.

Day 7 prompt.

Of a rocket launches to space, it would go straight to Saturn. There I wouldn’t mind whatever storm it faces, at least I’ve seen its amazing rings that made it incredibly amazing. There wouldn’t be any second thoughts from that point. Not a second to waste and I would draw images and paint everything I want at that moment.

8. Dream-catcher: Write something inspired by a recent dream you had.

I don’t recall my vivid dreams and the lucid ones rarely come. If I were to write about what I remember from one of the last ones that I had a couple of years back….

A prose lurks from within the confides of my mind…

Sullen, dry, defeated
No pain and yet screams echoes the hall
All lost in debt….

Pleading, weaving, crying
No one saving.
All is fading.

Thrust, run, hide
Bleed tonight.
Drown to the shadows.

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