365 writing challenge day 10: Friendship

I am now starting to think that this prompt must have been designed especially for me. Honestly, I have not really read through the whole entire prompt and had only read the topics day by day. ( i’m also considering of editing my day 9 entry because it was only rushed for the sake of entry date.)

Writing without a skip on the days and making sure to complete this challenge.
So here’s the topic for the 10th day.

10. Friendship: Write about being friends with someone.

I am not someone who can really find the pleasure of sugarcoating things. I think, as I grow older each day, the way I feel towards life and my perspective about friendship has drastically changed. I know that for a fact– and to an extent these are thoughts that people often disregard as irrelevant as long as they fit in to society and whatnot.

So, when I read the topic. I could only mention a few people in  my life that has given me the most to live about.

Respectfully, although there are, surprisingly a number of them in recent years that had helped me. I hope you guys won’t take it against me as I write about the people who had definitely changed my life.

The first person would be, my amazing and talented best girl friend Margarette Pandi. First year of high school, no friends to talk to, new and extremely lost at almost every way possible. I fell at ease and happy to have met the sister of my life. We are and were (perhaps) fated to meet each other. I loved her so much, from the little and big things she has done. The good and bad. I cherish her and I think, not a day in my life I would forget the fact that she has taught me about friendship.
Distance can never break those who are true and loyal friends.

Half way across the world and althougj apart for about what? 11-12 years. Our friendship may be different from before but we were always there for each other no matter what.

Then there was Kristine Cua, she was a senior, margarette’s friend (introduced to me) and ever since despite the rough waters. Its amazing how this girl snags me back to her world and although, I have doubts of hesitation (fearing of her to leave again. Judging) I maybe just as hopeless as everyone. I will and always be her friend. I think it is because she has taught me the value of being open to a world of possibilities and wonders of learning.

Of course, I guess. It would never be complete with Saturn delos Angeles, Jr. (Unfortunately were not on speaking terms) but still… I am forever grateful to him in many ways. He will or perhaps may never know– the truth of everything that was kept hidden, yet I am thankful for the time I have met him all these years. This man… Taught me Responsibility before leisure.
Something I’ve always kept dear. Although, I think… I’ve gone through too much responsibility in my life to handle– even so. Thank you.

Lastly, Marzo Gomez the most insane, crazy, awesome and everything in between aliens and pony loving guys in town. My life would have never been where itnis now without this dude. It breaks my heart that we, too, needed to separate ways but, it was the most amazing time of my life to have had that chance of living the best of every turn with this dude. He taught me that, no matter how crazy someone can be– when someone falls in love with passion. Art in every form, will always find the best friends one will hope to keep.

Guys, thank you! My gratitude will always be there for all of you. If time comes that I can no longer hang on. Fight and be where I want to be. I want you all to know how amazing my life has been meeting you all.

Sa Tagalog. Hindi masusukat ng oras ang pagkakaibigan pagka’t naka marka na sa ating mga palad ang tadhana.

(Time cannot measure  friendship for it has already been decided in our fates.)

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