The white sandy beach and the soft soothing sound that echoed from the seashores of my island escape, I thought about how good it was to be alive and free however, what escape would it be without a few minor detours of unfortunate events. I was never a fan of gossip and overhearing people talk about others and their private lives made me sick to my stomach.
When I overheard a group of middle-aged women talk about their issues with a coworker.
I thought to myself– these stories they speculated.
I wondered how true these facts stated and shared. If they was anyone from them that was a wolf or a sheep amongst them.
I never fancied gossip to be honest.
I thought about the poor unfortunate soul and how she had thought bravely to turn her life around despite religion and everything in between.
and in that moment. I gave a deep sigh to myself– have I become an accomplice of some sorts. About a cruel plot at play for the fall of this particular person?
I may never know.