MANGA: Yomogi Mochi Yaketa?

Reading Manga is one of my little pleasures in life– and so, I finally decided to pick up the phase and share my insights with you guys.
While waiting for the latest development from the short list of manga reads that I have been monitoring throughout the years.

Here’s another one that I’ve just recently stumbled upon.


From Animenewsnetwork:
The titular character, Yomogi, is a high school freshman who sees her friends falling in love, but she prefers money over boys.
Manga Source: Manga Fox: Yomogi Mochi Yaketa?

I’m not really the usual anime-Otaku blogger. Frankly speaking, I’ve almost forgotten about the thrill of sharing to someone or anyone fan theories, anime or everything about Japan. However, life has been very random to me at one point and has left me weak and drained of from the creative area. So- here, I decided to share one of my finds and short reviews.


I’ve taken the liberty of copy-pasting the details of a short blurb of the manga from mangafox. This way, I’ll be able to share more input about the story itself.

Now to begin with…

The Plot of the story was intriguing enough for me and so I began to click through the pages. While I read through the first few pages, as much as I would hate to be brutally honest about it. It didn’t really feel like anything was new The story was almost thoroughly predictable. Probably because I’ve been reading too many shoujo manga’s back in the day to state that obvious opinion. 

but don’t worry. There were some special points from the story aside from the normal love-triangle moves (Oops! there we go, that was a minor spoiler that I just shared). The heroin of the story would absolutely remind you about Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi, Meiling from Card Captor Sakura The Tv Series and other characters that were either violent, money pinchers with quirky & impulsive behaviors. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

ARTWORK I don’t think the style was unique but, you got to admit the characters would remind you about look-alikes from Ao Haru Ride. So, it’s a fairly lovable peace for those who want to read about comedy, romance, shoujo genre.

On Updates: I’m not entirely hooked, but I figured sharing this story would at least do justice and contribute to it’s growth. I did enjoy reading it for a short time– even though, it was only up to 3.5 chapters short. If you’re looking for Chapter updates, might as well wait for it a little longer but, I do hope to see more about this Manga in the near future.

  ♨(⋆‿⋆)♨ramen anyone? 

ciao! Thanks for taking time to read. if you liked it, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or two down below. 





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