Writing and Staying True

Hi, if you’re reading this right now then you might be one of the few people waiting for my stand alone release of my novel Velvet Valentine in Mirrored Hearts.

I’m not yet ready to reveal anything further than the snippets you’ve read from the #JustWritePH-for Love bundle (but if you’re one of the lucky winners of the freebies or one of our supporting buyers).

Then you might probably understand my musings as to why I haven’t been able to make that release come true. So, I’ll again type it down in bullet-form for the few major reasons.

  1.  I was originally planning to release the stand alone last February 13. A day before Valentines Day but, I was unable to make it happen. The reason was simple to understand really but was very complicated to solve at some point. In general the story is already complete but there were too many technicalities that lacked that I wasn’t able to properly convey for the story to fulfill the title itself.
  2. There were lots of personal issues going on that I was not able to simply progress with writing the whole novel, let alone edit it on my own.
  3. The genre of the story does not really sit well with ROMANCE. Admittedly, it will give off that vibe but, I have to make this clear. The story is not based under romance and as it will progress it will not be in that latter at all.
  4. The decision to carry on writing and publishing it as a stand alone will be a hall-mark of what I would like to do in progression for my writing adventure.
  5. I’m still all new to this, and normally I’d like to really observe first before I jump into the unknown waters but sometimes, life just does not give us an option and there are people who would want you to really either succeed or fail.

These are the top five reasons but don’t worry. I’m not making any excuses, as promised to my readers. I will carry on and publish the story but, all I can ever share right now is that when you write something from the heart and pour your soul into it. It doesn’t always turn out well at first, so all you have to do is simply find the will to keep on moving forward regardless of whatever is lacking with you right now (meaning myself) but if you are in that same pit as I am. Then I guess that would mean us, right?

I’m aiming to make a release before my Birth Month. I hope all things will go well and wish me the best of my ability to keep up with life everyone!

I’ll also cheer for all of you whenever I can.