FB’s Legacy Contact feature

I was fiddling with the settings on my mobile Facebook account when I found this and Honestly, I may not dwell on this topic too long but may Get back at discussing this further in the future. I figured sharing this might do some good to those who would like to make sure that their accounts are well taken care of, in case something happens to them. I dedicate this post to those who worry about their safety each day or their health.
However if you find yourself confused on what you are looking at allow me to shed some light.

The new Facebook feature is an added opportunity by Facebook themselves to ensure that the acc ts of the deceased are well managed. I remember. Recent article about a statement from them not long go that Facebook would be filled with this dead than the living. I haven’t had the opportunity to check on the actual details but this seems to be one of their solution to the problem. Will get back to you guys as soon as I find the opportunity to type on an actual keyboard and not via tablet.
Jut posting this update to sure with all of you. Thanks for dropping by!