On Mutual Grounds: Respect

Life isn’t fair.

A phrase we often read, hear and far often given as unsolicited advice from random people whom to claim to understand what is fair and not.

Frankly, I don’t encourage the phrase as an advice at all.

My reasons would be is that because life is complex to grasp in many ways and that there are different variations to situations and because of this, we simply cannot be tactless of our words such as simply saying:  life not being fair would often sound demeaning to a person.

So, instead of stating these lines why can’t we say…

My friend, I may not understand fully your pain yet, I can relate or at the very least empathize with you as a friend.

I think that sounds more human and honest,.  We face battles that we do not speak about to others because we’ve either raked down six feet under the ground or build twelve stories high of distrust towards society in general that we feel that we seem to understand every pain that another person feels. 



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    1. Haha well, it does make sense when you point it that way. Thank you for dropping by!

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