#NBS #ROL Challenge Guide

For every 75 videos uploaded, NBS Foundation will setup 1 school library until we reach 7,500 videos. These libraries can be an instrument in providing hundreds of opportunities for learning as well as fostering literacy to Filipino children in various communities nationwide. By participating, you can help spread the love for reading to everyone you know, igniting … Continue reading #NBS #ROL Challenge Guide


Event Feature: Time & Space 2017

  Hello everyone, I'm just posting this one to update you guys of where I have been recently. I'll be posting a full on review tomorrow evening. Until then, please do enjoy the ones I've posted so far on my #Instagram account. Enjoy the teaser!   P.S I think, ever since I started going to … Continue reading Event Feature: Time & Space 2017

On Coffee, Smokes and Writing II

How long has it been since I last wrote a reflective journal online? I think... Time is often lost with me. There is just so much that goes on inside this mind of mine and the battles often come off as a close call. It isn't always a winning victory and yet, here I am … Continue reading On Coffee, Smokes and Writing II

What is Kalos Kai Agathos?

I just finished researching for a meaning of a phrase I encountered a year or two before, and I just left a comment to the post. After leaving my polite response, in gratitude for the entry. I checked if the blog was still active. Unfortunately, the author is no longer updating. The last entries had … Continue reading What is Kalos Kai Agathos?