On Coffee, Smokes and Writing II

How long has it been since I last wrote a reflective journal online?

I think… Time is often lost with me. There is just so much that goes on inside this mind of mine and the battles often come off as a close call.

It isn’t always a winning victory and yet, here I am two years after. Still hiding behind the smokes, drinking coffee and writing my random musings. Although there has always been a difference from here and then, and I suppose it’s the goal from where I stand.

There is a fact that never changes.

The manuscript I wrote for CLOSER is currently on hold. I’ve been avoiding most of my manuscripts lately because, I feel that my words don’t seem to agree with me lately.

While back in late November, I planned to post an announcement about taking a long hiatus from publications and other things that involved social network marketing or exhibitions of sorts online.

BUT, I was never able to do so. I’m still connected no matter how hard I try to break free and deactivate my accounts.

I suppose, this is a part of me that needs to take time.

I’m no longer as addicted to escape reality like before but, I’m still fearful of what else I can achieve or do without logging online. There is a version of myself that I’ve been searching and I doubt I’ll find her any time soon.

There had been far too many distractions and meaningless relationships at the moment that everything feels numb.

So, today. I’m writing this as a formal declaration of war towards myself.

I’m ready to face the darkness that lurks deep down the dark abyss of my thoughts. I won’t be able to promise anything except that, I will not stop until I make it to my goal.

In my next journal entry, I’ll be sharing to you what lead me to embrace the word Kalos Kai Agathos and where it will lead me.

Until then, I’ll keep this entry short.

as I am waiting for what is to come this coming weekend.

Right now. My focus is Reading, Learning and Improving myself each day.

This MARCH, I’m planning to take a step up on my own. This time, I won’t be depending with the normal people who I’ve been with for the past several years and the people whom I’ve met recently.

This move is not to offend anyone in particular but, it is solely to prove myself that I can win over myself. I can become a better version of me.

If this post does not hold any meaning to you. Feel free to ignore it, however if it does. Then perhaps we are thinking of something similar.

“The Change to be better version of ourselves comes from the power of our own will.”

Thank you for taking time to read this entry.

Please allow me to share this Album from The Paper Kites to you.


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