#NBS #ROL Challenge Guide


For every 75 videos uploaded, NBS Foundation will setup 1 school library until we reach 7,500 videos. These libraries can be an instrument in providing hundreds of opportunities for learning as well as fostering literacy to Filipino children in various communities nationwide.

By participating, you can help spread the love for reading to everyone you know, igniting and building a stronger reading culture.

Join this campaign by creating and uploading your ROLC video.

The campaign launched last March 14, 2017 and you can still take part in it. Take it as an opportunity for your love of reading and as a form of support to your beloved #Authors #Writers and #Novels you want to share to the world! ^_^

for examples of how to do the challenge, there is a suggested spiel and some videos that I’ve found from Blackplume

I’ve posted my first on my Instagram account and one more on my facebook page. Both coming from the same book by #HarukiMurukami.

Please do check it out and help spread the word!

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