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   Officially three months and a good first week of April. I’ve collected the Posters of the events that has happened thus far for the post fit for the fifth year anniversary of this blog.

     There is a ton of backlogs to write and yet, I feel the need to take my time and let it all sink into my head. It just all feels surreal that, I’ve managed to go this far despite the busy schedule that I’ve been going through for the past couple of months. Seriously, it wasn’t a walk in the park. There were a whole lot of obstacles that I needed to go through that often times I felt incompetent with my endeavors. However, what makes me move forward is the idea of the journey I am currently taking.

My friends, if you’re reading this post right. I want to express my deepest gratitude, like what I would often say in most of my post. The time you spend reading my entries is always a welcome appreciation. I hope that in my little attempts of improving my chosen craft, I too, am able to inspire you as well. While, the journey may have been rough. Rest assured it was indeed enjoyable and filled with learning.

This year, I am pleased to announced the following list that I was able to accomplish. Here is everything as follows:

  1.  Attend Events that are only held Once a year.  Note: This is a big check on my end, and I’m still looking forward for the other events that will be coming soon for the rest of the year.
  2. Watch Movie premiers that definitely passes through the TOP 10 LIST for the year 2017! Note: I’ll be announcing this before the year ends. This is for those whom were not able to watch the movies for this year.
  3. Read and Collect Books for the Pandora’s Liberio Library Project. Note: This is a little library that I plan to build for myself and soon, perhaps… in the near future, I can participate with the Little Free Library which was introduced to me formally last Romance Convention 2017. 
  4. Officially decide on a formal lay-out semi-custome design and name for my blog. site 1 Okay, just a few things. Here is my disclaimer regarding the image header. It is not mine, and I am still looking for the artist who created this artwork. If you have an idea, please let me know and I will give due credit or also, ask further permission if I could use it as a header for my blog site. Now moving forward, here is a short anatomy of what you can expect for the latest and official lay-out of my blog. On the right side column you will see a search bar, my #GoodReads account and the books that I am currently reading to finish. In the middle is my Welcome Note and then on the left side is a calendar plus recent post. If you’re in a rush and can’t click to scribble or simply when your internet won’t load quickly enough. (*whispers* I know it rarely happens to everyone who lives in first world Countries.)  The second half:site 2 On the left footer down below, you will see my Facebook page. The middle is the tags that I often use for my articles and on the last right end footer is my twitter account linked in this blog. Note: Please do take note that the blog site will forever be a work in progress. My mercurial attitude feels the need to change from time to time but, rest assured that I will try not to overdo it this time. 😀
  5. Lastly, Post better composed articles with slight modifications and teasers for upcoming projects.

There we go! Finally, the magic 5 is already posted. There is more but, I’ll just let you guys know when its time and everything is already polished. In the meantime, thank you so much throughout the years! Please keep on supporting me and hope that you all enjoyed reading the latest updates.

P.S if you guys have further suggestions, recommendations and other stuff for me to do. Please let me know. I’m also still open for collaborations (as long as we get to meet half-way. I’m good to go.)

Thank you! Stay safe and have a good Monday to y’all!

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