Reflections of a wanderer

I thought of taking a year off from writing–

but, it seems like I can’t do it after all.

each time I think of taking a pause, my hands would often wander through my drawers looking for a pen and paper  then, I would often find myself scribbling poems, stories or my thoughts away.

Somehow, it has turned into a habit. Throughout the years, I never thought of anything permanent in my life.

Thinking that nothing would really last forever–

looking back…

I seem to have develop this feeling of wanting to tell my younger self that life will always carry on no matter how hard you fall.

If I think about it further, there are a lot of reasons why I would carry on rambling about what I think in life. Today, it may not make sense to whoever would be reading this. But to me, I think it would to those who might possibly feel the same way.

a lot has happened. Time has passed without people realizing anything until you point out the year and date of today.

In this tiny space of the world-wide web, while everyone is asleep within the comforts of their own homes or somewhere out there fighting to survive for their lives.

I am here.

Alive and waiting for things to unfold.

I have this urge to change the world– and create things that will make an impact to change history itself. However, no matter how strong the urge surges from within my mind. I chose to stay silent.

If people would ask my reasons– I suppose it would be contradicting to what I’ve just stated.

I’m tired.

I’m bored.

I’m a series of contradictions.

but, I want to live this life watching opportunities to unfold right before my eyes.

Tonight, whatever I write or say may seem pointless to many. However, if it makes sense to me. Then, I’m sure somewhere out there it would make sense to someone who can understand the language that I’m trying to convey.

this is all I wanted to share.

this is all I wanted to say.

just for tonight.

A reflection of the wanderer in me.