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Time for the big project reveal!

I’ve been on and off for a few days now– but I’ve posted a couple of awesome teasers already including a snap-chat type video in my instagram account as well as tweets via twitter!

Today however– it’s definitely something even more concrete of an announcement.

Although, I may still not be able to fully reveal or explain to you guys what exactly will happen next, However I am definitely sure that this announcement is one that most of you have been longing to hear news about.

Although the photo does make it painfully obvious added with the title, I suppose there is much more to talk about.

Now then!

The comic book that I’ve promised you since the day we met is finally here! A work in progress that is close to completion with a unique approach in terms of story, art and the whole promotion of it all.

Now that this is thee formal announcement and its finally out in the bag. I hope you guys will keep watching over us, and my deepest and warmest thanks for all the love and support.

Before I close this update with all the mushy stuff. I would like to request everyone to please kindly follow the blog site that I’ve created specifically for this project– as my personal blog may not be able to host all the post about the said project.

Please read down below:


If you’ve been itching to find out more about this latest project that I’ve been writing Please do check out this link of the name:


The official blog site of the comic book, where together with my little team will be posting updates about the comics and our future plans!

cheers and thanks for taking the time to read this latest update. ^_^

Want a copy of these awesome wallpapers?

send us a message or grab them up for download through the blog site! 🙂

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