Looking Back: HistoCon 2017 w/ Ambeth Ocampo



Translation title: Demon Tables (History in Artifacts)

My last post was how my day went on at History Con 2017.

All the rest of the details in it were simply all about how amazing the organizers laid out the whole event space.

Today, I’m here to share a quick post about how my first time attending Historian Ambeth R. Ocampo’s talk about his latest book.

Honestly, there were two talk’s that were going to be held at that very same time. One for the Art of Tarot Reading or something that I now vaguely remember– in a far more realistic sense, I ended up deciding to attend sir Ambeth Ocampo’s talk simply because I’ve already researched half of my life about divination and other occult practices (what others would stereotypically dub as it is) but the talk with sir Ambeth was definitely something that I knew would never be a moment that can be repeated again even if I wanted to.

there was just something different with an individual talking about what they were passionate about that enamored me to listen.

At that time, as soon as I dragged my friend into the conference hall, we saw the sea of students listening to him. I don’t remember what school they were and I think it would be best not to mention them anymore. I don’t really like trivial issues rising, so I’ll head with the actual impressions.

When he was introduced by the speaker, I felt the excitement and curiosity flooding in. It wasn’t the awestruck moment that most people might have felt, it was just that feeling of being grateful for having that one chance to meet him the 2nd time around that day. This time however, was to actually listen to him talk about his work.

When he first began to show the a series of slide shows of his research, I was actually surprised that the topic he was about to discuss was the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Now, let me just hand it straight to most of you, I’m not a Marcos loyalist of any sort. I just literally love history and in a way, politics.

I may not be able to discuss what he had talk about in full detail, as it is actually not the purpose of this post. However, I can share to you this much, Sir Ambeth Ocampo’s talk was definitely something that every student or individual who has been interested in learning history should drop by and listen to.

Fun, filled with fantastic trivia’s and story snippets of how he’s adventures went as he researched the details that he needed for his books was definitely interesting.

It was a first for me to see a sea of students or listeners, where almost everyone were definitely curious to listen. Not one person felt bored or disengaged.

At that moment, I don’t think it mattered if they were forced into a requirement of jotting down the details of the talk, to me — that one time where they actually listened to him speak about his work was definitely awe-inspiring.


Now, I won’t be typing in this entry long enough for you get bored. All I can say to close this is, it was indeed a pleasure to be part of History Convention 2017. Heading home with a signed book, poster and a photo with Sir Ambeth Ocampo himself.

While, I know that my frustration to learn history and write one for myself is a far-cry. I’m happy enough to be able to learn from the professionals within the field.

Be it in Philippine History or about World History.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

if you got friends who love learning history in general– especially Philippine History. Please do let them know about Sir Ambeth Ocampo’s works.

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