My team’s work at #MIBF

My schedule’s locked and I’ve got everything set up, but still–

it’s always a LONG way to go each time.

Regardless of the hurdles ahead, I’m prepared to boost the signals to the next level. Alright, so here goes nothing guys!

While, I’ve flooded you with events and grateful messages of thanks!

Here’s what’s been going on thus far!

A full month passing since my team began building #BRIDGEComics, and after careful evaluation, as a last-minute decision, I finally thought about taking our chances to the next level, and with a few days left before the Manila International Book Fair starts, we crossed our fingers for the go signal.


if you’re not familiar about this event that is held each year and why there’s that #38 included. Well, here’s an excerpt about #MIBF that you might find helpful.

“The Manila International Book Fair is the biggest and longest running book fair in the country. “ –  excerpt from the About section of the #MIBF website

Now setting the basic details aside, we’re now off to the second part of this post!


we’ve decided to join in the booth with 8Letters!

A little something About them: We are 8Letters, a boutique bookstore who curate Filipino books and share it with the world by bringing them to events, cafes, and to bookstores.

Our goal is to bring Filipino indie authors to the right audience.


The promo poster from the BRIDGE TEAM is now up and currently circulating online.

Lurking in various communities and sending off this massive message!

We’re hoping to Rock your Worlds and may you all enjoy our story!

In the meantime, please don’t forget to also check out our fellow author’s/creators featured and bunking in with them as well!

Special Mentions to these following titles for their solo feature articles this week:


ANATHEMA by Maria Criselda Santos

Other works available:

The Lolita Chronicles 

  • First Love Never Deadmas
  • Beauty and the Beastmode
  • All the Love In the Fort

And last but not the least, check out also Awesome books by Porcupine Strongwill

  • The Angelic Conflict
  • Forgotten things to say




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