On notes about: Writing and Consistency

I haven’t been able to update for a while–

I figured its time for me to key in something personal once more. I’m not really sure as to how helpful this would be to anyone who would stumble upon reading this entry and yet, my hope is that this becomes a beacon of light to anyone who needs it most.

Writing something that matters will always be important.

However, knowing what you write about matters can be perplexing for anyone aspiring to share their thoughts to the world.

While admittedly, I am no expert with this particular subject at hand. I do have a few ideas in mind, which I would love more than anything to share to you all.

So, I’ll try to do my best in sharing what I have in mind.

Lately, people around me would often say how great things are going with the recent success in my writing. Honestly, I don’t see all of these as something that I should be accept yet. I mean, seriously– to be honest, I still feel that there is a lot of room to grow for me to discover when it comes to storytelling or article writing.

One difficult task to overcome as a writer is consistency.

In writing, it is what I would consider as the life and soul of every word processed from your own thoughts.

It is the voice of your general idea.

Right now, I’m typing this particular entry to express my views about consistency. However, often times, I would find myself astray with keeping the general topic as the center of my article.

My only way to share this without deviating from the original purpose is to enumerate my thoughts, in order for you readers to grasp the idea at hand.

Here I will list, the following reasons as to why consistency is important in writing:

  •  When you write about a particular subject or topic— What you need to focus about is the general idea of the thoughts you wish to express. However, it isn’t always going to be easy. Since words would often be difficult to handle, and if you would ask me why, I would simply share to you this simple answer. Words are like human beings, they have personalities. Just because you can use a particular word out from a dictionary, it simply does not mean that you can use it as you wish.
  • This is where consistency matters. when you write. When you understand a particular word, the best way to use it is to be able to make sure that the word itself best fits to the tone and voice you wish to express in your writing. Whether it is a story or an article that you’re writing for at school or work.
  • Whileconsistency may prove to be challenging at most times– you mustn’t lose hope. The rules to where grammar applies is the key for anyone who wishes to express their ideas into complete thoughts.In this case, you begin to form structure which guides you into being consistent.

These three basic thoughts or in this case– my own version of understanding writing with consistency proves nothing to anyone as of this point. The main reason why I’m sharing this is because, I believe strongly in the importance of structure, grammar and research as the main general pillars in writing anything under the sun.