Artist Spotlight: Reginald Kira

The last week of October is fast approaching and #Inktober2017 is almost over. I’ve been doodling my way through the prompt– but haven’t been able to post any updates ever since. Don’t fret everyone, I’m still active-ish and my writing will continue to improve through time, however things may come in a little slow for the time being due to the increase of work and personal projects.

yet, I’ve not forgotten what I’ve  promised to everyone who’s been anxiously waiting for my updates. Tonight, I’ve decided to post another Local Artist Feature before the month ends, and hopefully two more features after this. Now then!

ARTIST.  Photographer.Writer.Musician    © Kislap, 2016, Mulanay, Quezon

Who says you can’t do the things you love and still take responsibility and control with your life?  Former Bassist/ Backup Vocals of  Wasted Chemical Reginald Kira not only takes the ARTS and Literature seriously but also takes full responsibility with his advocacy as a  dutiful citizen of the country.

He also accepts commission artworks and on the sidelines, Reginald also works as a freelance jr. events photographer. 

 Although, I’m  not really here to feature a highly detailed autobiography of sorts about him–

then again it does give you a bit of idea about this dude, apart from what you see through his Facebook feeds.

Featuring a preview of his original comics

Reginald Kira is both the writer and artist of  #HILIMARAWwhich is a graphic novel  about the modern war between humans and Aswangs. The story highlights the main character Grimjey and her unique skills as a fighter for the Hilimaraw Squad.


As much as I would have loved to write more about him– or much less feature a Q & A post. Our schedules had been locked and loaded until the end of the year and yet, even though it has been such a waste of opportunity to snag a personal one on one interview with him. I’ll leave you guys with the teaser details of his debut comics and other links where you can get to know him more or as well as support him.

follow and support him on his social media accounts through this list:

  • INSTAGRAM (personal/artist I.G ACCOUNT)
  • GRAVEYARD PH (an online shop where he designs shirts/stickers and other things)
  • tapas account (where his comics Hilimaraw is currently uploaded)
  • Patreon (you can also find him via Patreon where you can support and donate him for more of his works.)

As an added bonus for reaching the end of this feature, here’s a bonus detail which I almost forgot to mention earlier on. A few months ago,  during the AsiaPop Comicon 2017Reginald Kira drew his very own version of Darna’s Costume makeover with  Liza Soberano  as the base model for the image.

The iconic original pinoy character Darna has been through many costume evolutions and PEP just happen to select their top fourteen picks for their LIFESTYLE feature. The article feature title was 14 stunning fan art concepts for Darna’s costume makeover