Artist Spotlight: Paul Spencer Tradio

Commercial break is over and we’re now back to my regular feature article. Today, I want to continue writing about the amazing people whom I’ve come to meet online and discover their amazing talents– but before I carry on introducing the main guest of honor, I just wanted to share a bit of trivia.

Throughout the years, I have not included in my few introductions about myself  this particular info but, just for today, I am more than happy to share this much.

I was born in Cebu City, and although I may have not lived there long enough to learn more about the culture, my parents were never short to share about how proud they are to be cebuanos. In time, I also shared their mutual love for the island province.

Here’s a bit of info I can share, which I snipped from wikipedia.

Cebu City is a first class highly urbanized city in the island province of Cebu in Central VisayasPhilippines ” 

source: Wikipedia

Apart from the basic details I’ve shared, I was pleased to find out that there were many creative individuals from the tiny island of Cebu City whom I admired up to this very day and  to name a few, popular artist/musicians such as Urbandub  and  Drive me to Juliet. However they’re not really the main focus of this feature– I suppose, I just wanted to share a bit more about amazing Cebu before introducing my artist spotlight for this month. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado!

Paul Spencer Tradio

Paul Spencer Tradio also known as Pol  or Pol-Kun in his artist facebook page is the sole creator of  Fpxzy  animation.  


 Pol-Kun  is a local Filipino artist based from the Philippine Region VII and is also the sole creator of  Fpxzy  animation.  A promising Artist in the making with interesting visuals to boot!

He happily describes himself as the Generous Artist. While he currently works a full-time Job, whenever time permits and he can squeeze it in his hectic schedule and would  occasionally accept commission works for digital arts.

On another note,  get to know more about Pol and his process through this exclusive interview.





Magsi: Hi Pol! I’m happy you were able to spare me the time for this interview. I just want to say, I really loved the way you made your original AMV’sWould you mind answering a few questions for me and to my readers whom I’ve shared your work?

Pol-Kun : Wow! Yes. I’ll do my best.

Magsi: Can you share to us at least two of your favorite artist?

Pol-Kun :  I admire and like Shinkai makoto and Mamoru Hosoda.

Magsi: Awesome! I love Shinkai Makoto and Mamoru Hosoda as well! I think you’ve really got yourself amazing influences in terms of animation Pol! But, I’m actually curious about something. Would you mind sharing the software and tools you use for your animation?

Pol-Kun :  Yesah, no problem! I use  Paint tool sai, Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premier, Cinema4D

Magsi: Awesome! It really shows how passionate you are when it comes to your craft! Thank you Pol– I know you’re busy but, you still managed to answer our questions. I won’t keep you long here but, would you mind sharing a piece of advice to your fellow animators or other aspiring young animators?

Pol-Kun :

Never stop believing that you have an ability to create something, forget about talent and gift. because what’s important is you have the passion,vision and grit to continue what you started.

There you have it folks! A mini question and answer interview with Pol. Coming up next in this post is one of the animation music videos here made:

Liked what you see?  Pol also open for creative services. Here’s a few details about his professional fees:


$20+ per simple and flat tone digital illustrations
(additional cost for more details and complexity)
$150+ per simple 15sec Graphic motion / 2d animation
(additional cost for more details and complexity and time duration)

And if you wish to know more about Pol-kun or get a chance to see his latest work updates. Here’s a list of links you might want to check to subscribe!

FB page:


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