On notes about: Writing a Story

I’ve been writing one feature after another and I’ve only managed to write a few personal post for myself.  Today, I’ve decided to share something from my personal notes in writing. Although, I’m not so sure if it’ll do anyone or anybody else the good of reading this post– there is hope inside of me that this will at least shed a bit of light to those who needed it most.

Now then, for the notes as said in my title feature.

  • Writing manuscripts after manuscripts of Bridge Comics is still currently a roller-coaster ride, and one thing I’ve noticed thus far is how much I’ve improved in terms of world building.
  • Writing a complete character biography helps anyone writing a story. I strong recommend this to anyone who aspires to write convincing and life-like characters.
  • Patience is INDEED VIRTUE.
  • The more I wrote deeper into the story and began to research everything that can be possible and impossible in terms of story progression, I’ve fallen in-love about what I’ve written over and over again.
  • When you write a story you truly wish to see finished, I began to discover more about myself as a writer.

its a short entry but, I hope you guys like it. Cheers!

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