Writing between crossroads

Finally!  I was able to finish sorting out my categories and tags. It took awhile but, I managed to really make sure my seo was in check. Then again, that isn’t really the topic for today isn’t it?

I just thought you might wanted to know the cause for the long pause from my updates. In case you are one of the few people who had been following my progress in writing.

Today, I’ve decided to post a reflection of my thoughts. It isn’t new really– since I often write this way when I want to share my opinion and musings about the world around me.

As you read this post, why don’t you try listening to No Surprise by Radio Head

Writing between crossroads

I chose No Surprise by Radiohead for this piece, simply because it somehow mirrors how I feel.  It’s the third week of April and there are still much work to do and yet, somehow I managed to hold off from writing for almost a month and a half.

The reason being is simply in the title of this entry. Writing between crossroads is all about my decision to write between corporate and creative fiction. Admittedly, it has become a vexing problem and there are days I wish I could just drop everything and do as I wish.  In this piece, I wanted to ask if you’ve ever felt the same?

Was there a time in your life where you thought about giving everything you’ve been working on and just pack your stuff. Walking away from all that responsibility–

I’m sure that there were many of us who felt the same way.

I tried to look back into the good things that have happened in this journey. Sometimes, it would never be enough to keep me grounded and press forward. Music would help me turn a bit after a few hours of good sleep. Mulling things over and thinking about trying it again. A review of what could be better or what I can do to lighten up the load.

Honestly, I think its important to make a decision as to which area we should really focus on– before we take on anything else. What I mean to say is– sometimes, even if we are capable of accomplishing something in a certain aspect. I came to realize, it is better to hone one skill first before taking up new horizons.

what do you think?