In Memoriam: Gerry Alanguilan

I just wanted to extend my sincerest condolences to Sir Gerry Alaguilan’s family, friends and the whole of the Philippine Komik’s Industry.

This post won’t be as detailed, yet it will share my brief encounter with Sir Gerry from last year. But, before I go into details, I just wanted to share this podcast by Indie Komiks Podcast where on their 1st year anniversary special, they were able to feature an interview with sir Gerry Alanguilan.

I hope the podcast gives you all the much information you need, if you’re a new fan of sir Gerry.

While all of this has been said and done. I just wanted to share that, although it may or may not make any huge impact for a very late review– WASTED

note: if you want to read more about the comic book, please click on the name link.

My experience: It was a short read– a pretty direct story. Yet, the emotions were all there. I was reading “wasted” at a time of my life where I have exactly lost the person I was in-loved with, and even though I did not sink into the brink of a killing spree like ERIC did from the story. I surely felt all that rage, pain and sadness. This is how amazed I was with how wonderful sir Gerry’s work touched my heart.

Many times, I have tried to research more about his works and find the time to meet him. But, life recently has taken a lot of turns for me. And despite the fact that it took awhile, although it was brief. I’m glad that I was able to shake hands with sir Gerry. No matter how brief it was– and with his cold hands, I shook with all the warmth of a grateful budding comic book writer like me.

In honor of sir Gerry Alanguilan, I’m posting this to contribute into letting the whole world know. How much he will be dearly missed, and to let everyone know about his works.