#Covid19 Makati LockedDown Day11

Honestly, this really more of a late update. I think I started watching the series last week and ended it in a rush, basically this was the only show that was strong enough to null the anxiety over.

I mean Riverdale and Sabrina are still in the waiting list for new episodes and I just needed something different and unique to quench my thirst. People like me thrive in the uniqueness and individuality of certain shows and art. I mean, the techniques on how it was shot, actors and the storyline has to be insanely interesting. It should be somehow look like its predictable but not. And that is why, it took me awhile to find one. I think, I found Kingdom on the 4rth or 5th day of the implementation of the quarantine (which was only my second or third day here at Z Hostle).

During this time, there were a lot of Military, Police and Barangay officials roaming around Makati (particularly in Makati Avenue and Poblacion area). It was somewhat scary to go out, because even though we had our permits to work out of the house, because of our occupation, I was more afraid of the government officials rather than just the sickness alone.

I mean, evil is around us. As much as I would like to completely believe in the kindness of humanity, there was just an inner voice whispering (probably fear) telling me about how people turn into happ-trigger assholes.

which was perfect to describe quiet a few of the characters featured in the currently hit, korean tv series entitled: Kingdom

I know I was suppose to share to you more about the show, but I figured there would be more to share in the following days anyway. so here’s the gist that I’ve got to share.

“A HISTORICAL-EPIC which entails of a handsome yet, cowardly prince, together with an aspiring and beautiful doctor, an assasin who’s known as tiger (known to be natural born survivors) and a wimpy lord embark on a journey to find their destined roles amidst the impending doom that the dead bring as they rise.”

if that doesn’t hook you up. Perhaps clicking the name of the series link would interest you. A trailer and synopsis is provided by asianwiki would suffice.

in the meantime, I’ll see you all soon.

updating soon.