MECQ2: DAY 7 Run down

It’s been 7 days since MECQ part 2 was announced.

If you’ve forgotten what it stands for, here’s a quick refresher:


Photo grabbed from : Philstar

Now, this takes a toll on everyone– especially because we’ve all been trying to grasp our wits end, since the ECQ (ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE) was announced last April 15, 2020. Honestly, it’s been a turbulent year for everyone. While this global pandemic spreads without mercy.

I’ve been trying to adjust and survive with my life by keeping creativity active. So, yesterday’s off was spent doing this DIY Cloud lanterns using extra cotton stuffing from BMO. I decided I didn’t want him to be too fluffy.

Thanks to pinterest

grabbing pinterest ideas on how to create a calming and imaginative environment while obsessing over home decor.

As soon as that was done, I thought about watching a Filipino Indie Movie called Para sa mga Broken Hearted


I know it’s not as productive as what I’ve hoped for this August– but, I suppose you could say it’s better than nothing at all. I mean, there could be a hundred things that could go wrong and yet, I am blessed enough to be able to do the simple things in life as of the moment. I pray that the tides do not send me into a dire downward spiral, as I cling to dear life. As most of you may feel the same as of this very moment.

I truly wish that these trying times will soon come to an end. I hope my day 7 activity sparks an idea to what you may or can do while you’re trying to stay alive.

All my love,