Netflix’s Trese animation teaser

It’s finally the dawn of a new era for the Filipino comic industry.

While news about the animation has not been a complete mystery.

The hype just became real as Netflix finally released an official teaser about TRESE’s upcoming animation series. There has been an ongoing campaign for its long awaited release date.

Bloggers, and new’s feature from Lifestyle Inq networks like One News PH featured an announcement of the upcoming collaboration. Sending Readers of the comic series into a frenzy of anticipation.

While there are no official trailers to post or share just about yet, I’m also looking forward to it’s release. In the meantime, I’m more than willing to fan the flames and share the great news.

Trese tells the story of Alexandra Trese, a detective who specializes in cases that involve the supernatural – including Filipino monsters and beings such as aswangtikbalang, and kapre. – As quoted by Rapplr in their feature article.

She’s not your usual American/European horror fare. Prepare to have your mind blown away with the new girl in town, and her name is Alexandra Trese.

If you haven’t heard about TRESE before, please do check out these links and details about the comic, news and the people behind TRESE.

About Trese Graphic Novel

Created byBudjette Tan
Kajo Baldisimo
Written byBudjette TanJ.B. Tapia
Artist(s)Kajo BaldisimoIan Sta MariaMark TorresJ.B. Tapia
source: wikipedia

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