Netflix: Hayop Ka!

Premise: Nimfa, an anthropomorphic cat, works as a perfume salesperson at a department store. Her boyfriend, a mongrel named Roger, is a janitor. However, when Nimfa meets Iñigo, a dog with a career as a high-profile entrepreneur, she finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle

Directed byAvid Liongoren
Produced byAvid LiongorenManny AngelesJoyce BernalPiolo PascualE Del MundoErickson Raymundo
Written byManny AngelesPaulle Olivenza
StarringAngelica PanganibanRobin PadillaSam Milby
Rocketsheep StudioSpring Films
Distributed byNetflix
Release date‹See TfM›October 29, 2020
Running time73 minutes
source: Hayop Ka!

Hayop ka! is one of the few first ever original animation’s of the Philippine entertainment industry. While, there had been no other ways of the filipino mass to access and watch these original works before, I’m happy to say that seeing Netflix release and support the Filipino Art Industry has been an absolute treat. As a Filipino, I have been long pining to be able to contribute and push through our original works to come out into the world. Yet, I’m not here to voice out my personal ramblings.

Today, I am here to focus on paying tribute to one of the most commendable animation releases of the year. Granted that we have Trese the animation series to look forward some time soon this year, we are off to a great start.

warning: spoilers ahead.

At the start of the Animation Film, we are greeted by Rocketsheep Studio’s logo followed by a humor filled representation of the Metro Manila. An animation preview that hits close to home, if you’re a Filipino watching this from outside the country. Soon after, we are introduced to Nimfa Dimaano (voiced by: Angelica Panganiban) her best friend Jhermalyn (voiced by: Arci Munoz) as well as Roger (voiced by: Robin Padilla). Nimfa walks us through her daily life while we are also given tasty introductory treats to her soon to be encounters with Inigo Villanueva (voiced by Sam Milby). With a cast like this, packed with their interesting and amazing take acting skills, who would have thought it would all fall through into a perfect fit.

While on the technical review of it, well perhaps not entirely technical, it was refreshing to see that the characters altogether, including the backgrounds were well spent budget for the overall animation. So, if you’re looking for something new and yet, familiar altogether. I suggest, it’s time for you to check out Hayop Ka!

This is only the beginning of our journey towards building Filipino the Animation Industry.

Please do check out my Imdb review and wait for my youtube vlog post soon.

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