Reset: After a long Pause

“In order to design a future of positive change, we must first become expert at changing our minds.”

— Jacque Fresco

It’s officially Spring for some, while in the Philippines it’s summer.

Incoming April and as the summer draws to a close, some hope for the rainy season to finally fall and the pitter-patter of rain can be heard as it sings a lullaby for us to sleep.

Two years of hiatus, I’m glad to slowly start again. However, I regret to share that I may slowly veer away from any activity on social media sites, and may occasionally post on Instagram, twitter or DeviantArt more.

Also, I’ve decided to focus on building this website and working on improving my feature articles. I hope that as I continue my journey, I will still have your support.

On that note, I’m still currently rebranding the lay-out of this whole website. Please bear with me, as I rework my way into establishing my online presence as well as my craft.

until next time.

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