Game Review: Pacify 2023

Finally more content to write about as the February opens. I know I should be writing about “love” and “romantic places” to feature for the month of Love– but hear me out.

Valentines shouldn’t be just about two people loving each other. True, it’s cupid himself as of myth and lore, fable or tales from different cultures depicts as the the archer/messenger of love— and it doesn’t always mean it’s all about hugs and kisses. In reality, what better way to find thrill in romantic relationships than finding common grounds to enjoy. This one goes for all gamer couples, friends, single and happy people who would just love to find a good game to dig themselves into. I may be late in the game feature for this– but trust me, it’s not why am writing about the game anyway.

Pacify is a multiplayer Survival Horror game, where you are welcomed and tasked by PAH (Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated) to a series of investigations. In the game you will get to choose 3 separate missions (as of date) since it’s release back in February 23, 2019.

The gameplay:

Single Player Mode
Co-op Mode

I won’t be providing a textbook detail about the game, for further explanations regarding the game. If you want to deep dive you can watch through the trailer, click on the links provided, walkthroughs or lastly read all the details on the about the game section on Steam. What am here for is actually to share the experience.

First things first, let me just introduce to you a new friend and gaming buddy of mine Cunning Grim, new to the game vlogging community and still has a lot of catching up in terms of branding for his channel on youtube and facebook but I hope you guys will give him a chance and check out his facebook page and youtube channel. If you wanna know more about the games he plays, I’ll try to ask him to do an introduction of sorts. Anyhow, check out this live gameplay recording we have of THE DOLLS MISSION STORY.

Cunning Grim

please note that the current language we’re using is English-Tagalog. If you wish to understand more of the conversations, you can either click on translate from youtube (personally it really doesn’t translate well enough). so maybe that’s something we can work out in the future.

I guess I’ll end this feature here. I’ll probably write a short feature introduction of my gaming buddies since last year. I think it’s high time I introduce them anyway.

Thanks for dropping by!

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