Count down to #Nanowrimo2017

Hello Readers! As always, I won't ever forget to thank everyone who has taken the time to drop by and read. Today's post is all about thee Count down to #Nanowrimo2017, and if you're a writer who is  aspiring to be one or even currently stuck somewhere between wanting to finish all that pile of drafts … Continue reading Count down to #Nanowrimo2017


  There's a new Art shop in Makati and it's located at Greenbelt 5- The Craft Central is your neighborhood specialty retailer, bringing you hard-to-find arts and craft supplies. To celebrate their opening. Here's their weekend treat for everyone who will drop by at their shop. If you visit this October 1st, you might get a chance … Continue reading THE CRAFT CENTRAL OPENING FESTIVITIES!

Feelings For Sale: #romanceclass at #MIBF2016

Pressing to share this feature article by Author #RacquelCastro abou the up coming #MIBF (Manila International Book Fair 2016). I've been pressed for time but I am hoping that by re-sharing this post. It can serve as my support for the #RomanceClass Community and the #Authors as a way to promote their #Stories. Hope you guys … Continue reading Feelings For Sale: #romanceclass at #MIBF2016

#HeistClub – The Launch: A Reflection

This would be the first time that I would be blogging about my passion for events management. Somehow it feels surreal to even do talk about this, since I've always enjoyed working behind the shadows and savoring the moment instead of sharing to everyone in a form of a written story online. but then, since … Continue reading #HeistClub – The Launch: A Reflection

#HeistClub The Launch: A Surreal Reality

Insanely adorable review of the launch. Sweet and bravely written. Thank you so much for these amazing insights. I love you too Rockee~ ❤ I'm glad you had a very awesome and amazing time. Curious about what happened? don't worry. This post isn't about excerpts or blurbs but more emotions and experience. Relax and Chill … Continue reading #HeistClub The Launch: A Surreal Reality