Happy 2018! Cheers to a new adventure!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  The holiday season is over-- but, it doesn't mean things would quiet down anytime soon.  Its the new year and as promised, I've come back with my first post this January! I've been dying to share to all of you since my last post update in December. This January,   the rough drafted … Continue reading Happy 2018! Cheers to a new adventure!


Looking Back: History Convention 2017

Hey guys! Welcome to part one of this post. The first day of the week will soon be ending and the memories from  History Conventions 2017 is still fresh in my mind. Tonight, I've decided to re-call the experience and share it with all of you. I may not go into a lengthy explanation, but I … Continue reading Looking Back: History Convention 2017

#NBS #ROL Challenge Guide

For every 75 videos uploaded, NBS Foundation will setup 1 school library until we reach 7,500 videos. These libraries can be an instrument in providing hundreds of opportunities for learning as well as fostering literacy to Filipino children in various communities nationwide. By participating, you can help spread the love for reading to everyone you know, igniting … Continue reading #NBS #ROL Challenge Guide

Vessel 2 器 -Event Recap

The Shared Experience: A Recap of the event last February 25, 2017  During the performance of Vessel 2 器 , A memorable quote from Max Heindel crossed my mind. In his words he said "Music is the soul of language." I thought about the words for a moment, and then I said to myself: I suppose, it doesn't … Continue reading Vessel 2 器 -Event Recap

Art Fair Philippines- The Review

 I first found out about #ArtFairPH somewhere in late 2014. Since then, I’ve been hoping to find time to visit the said fair. However, I never really got the chance to do so until this year. It was only when I checked my Facebook account that I've remembered about #ArtFairPh and it just so happen to … Continue reading Art Fair Philippines- The Review

My Holiday Pet Pageant Experience

  Hi Guys! A little break from all the books, food and movies. Today I'm going to share something from my personal life. Don't worry, it won't be long.  *winks* Alright, here goes nothing! Last December 3 at the Alabang Town Center, My good friend Maita ( Who happens to be my co-author and publisher … Continue reading My Holiday Pet Pageant Experience


  There's a new Art shop in Makati and it's located at Greenbelt 5- The Craft Central is your neighborhood specialty retailer, bringing you hard-to-find arts and craft supplies. To celebrate their opening. Here's their weekend treat for everyone who will drop by at their shop. If you visit this October 1st, you might get a chance … Continue reading THE CRAFT CENTRAL OPENING FESTIVITIES!

Saturday Treats: ‪#‎FeelsRushIn‬ Event

The third and final post of the day! I've reached my 100th post and this one will be part of the bonus. So! technically that makes it 101, right? (*laughs*) okay! Enough with that, before I make my weekend escape. Allow me to share this event that will happen tomorrow as a little treat to … Continue reading Saturday Treats: ‪#‎FeelsRushIn‬ Event

New Project on Post a Book!

HELLO READERS! Since, I haven't been around often and be able to consistently post updates. I'd like to express my support to #TEACUPTALK for their latest project. Here's an announcement, and I just wanted to spread the word. I've gone about and checked it out myself, and it looks interesting.  Hope you guys will join … Continue reading New Project on Post a Book!