Author’s Spot: Maria Criselda Santos

Armed with quirky narrations in writing and interesting titles. Tonight we feature Author Maria Criselda Santos! I was not able to interview her further about her past and recent projects but, I can definitely share a few things about her published works. First up, the Lolita Chronicles. Admittedly, I've only read two from the chronicles and … Continue reading Author’s Spot: Maria Criselda Santos

Author’s Spot: Marigold Uy

Right! First up on the alley is Author Marigold Uy! I haven't had the opportunity to read her works yet, but I'll make sure to give back a review once I managed to grab a copy of hers! So, here's a short post feature of her work that'll be at the #8LETTERS booth this coming September 13-17!  … Continue reading Author’s Spot: Marigold Uy

FB’s Legacy Contact feature

I was fiddling with the settings on my mobile Facebook account when I found this and Honestly, I may not dwell on this topic too long but may Get back at discussing this further in the future. I figured sharing this might do some good to those who would like to make sure that their … Continue reading FB’s Legacy Contact feature

Author Spotlight: Racquel Castro

Writing updates and posting it online might have been slow for us but, surprisingly despite the gloomy weather and slow internet connection within the Philippines, one particular author and friend never fails to amaze us here from Gpicks. Today, we would like to share an inspiring feature of  Racquel Sarah A. Castro  one of the authors … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Racquel Castro


Okay! I know that November and the Halloween season is further from the Easter endings of this month but! Some readers have itched for a good scare, thrilling excitement to read. So! Here we decided to host a special story feature and author interview for our list! Ladies and gentlemen although it took me a … Continue reading THE AUTHOR SPOT: MAITA RUE