Anniversary Special Post

   Officially three months and a good first week of April. I've collected the Posters of the events that has happened thus far for the post fit for the fifth year anniversary of this blog.      There is a ton of backlogs to write and yet, I feel the need to take my time and let … Continue reading Anniversary Special Post


Summer 2016: BOHOL FEATURE

So much delay due to a jam-packed schedule and along side it is a massive amount of TO DO LIST. Now, I know that some of you are lurking around for my blog updates and whatnot but as I've said before I am a wandering writer  that might be the favorite of unfortunate events. However, this year … Continue reading Summer 2016: BOHOL FEATURE

Episode 81: A Sweet Afternoon at the “Inquirer Lifestyle Best Desserts 2” Launch

Source: Episode 81: A Sweet Afternoon at the "Inquirer Lifestyle Best Desserts 2" Launch   Since Mr. Mark Manalang  from Unlimited Grub Grabs has already written his review right after our foodie-adventure. I won't be writing much about the said experience in full-detail. However, I will be recommending you all to support the Book, and soon will … Continue reading Episode 81: A Sweet Afternoon at the “Inquirer Lifestyle Best Desserts 2” Launch

Kinfolk Magazine Vol. 6

A friend of mine shared this to me, and I simply could not help but share.

Made by Sohn

There is much to share and many words of thanksgiving that need to be uttered. Having my illustrations published in Kinfolk Vol. 6 is so much more than saying one of my career ambitions has been fulfilled.

To me, this project is evidence that God can do great works when we have faith in Him.  Never did I think in just five short months, I would already have published work in one of the most beautiful magazines of our generation.  Everyone who is close to me saw the wreck I was when I took the leap of faith to pursue calligraphy and illustration full time.   I look back and wonder why I had so much fear.  God promises that when we respond and obey His will, He will bless and take care of us, even in our career ambitions.  God says, “Never will I leave you, never will I…

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