A Different League

I have always been afraid of losing people I love, but sometimes I find myself wondering, is there anyone whos afraid of losing me too? I wanna open up something a bit more personal. Here's to hoping that this post would be able to at least give an insight to most of you who have … Continue reading A Different League

MECQ2: DAY 7 Run down

It's been 7 days since MECQ part 2 was announced. If you've forgotten what it stands for, here's a quick refresher: MODIFIED ENHANCED QUARANTINE Photo grabbed from : Philstar Now, this takes a toll on everyone-- especially because we've all been trying to grasp our wits end, since the ECQ (ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE) was announced … Continue reading MECQ2: DAY 7 Run down

#Covid19 Makati Locked Down Day 8

Greetings from the Philippines, My name is Magsi Rover, creative writer, author and sales representative for an international company. I won't be able to state what account I am in, but I am able to share to you what I do. We reconnect cable tv services, and to be, I think this may not reflect … Continue reading #Covid19 Makati Locked Down Day 8

On notes about: Writing and Consistency

I haven't been able to update for a while-- I figured its time for me to key in something personal once more. I'm not really sure as to how helpful this would be to anyone who would stumble upon reading this entry and yet, my hope is that this becomes a beacon of light to … Continue reading On notes about: Writing and Consistency

On Mutual Grounds: Respect

Life isn't fair. A phrase we often read, hear and far often given as unsolicited advice from random people whom to claim to understand what is fair and not. Frankly, I don't encourage the phrase as an advice at all. My reasons would be is that because life is complex to grasp in many ways … Continue reading On Mutual Grounds: Respect