Wheeling for 2019

Six days left before Christmas. Change was inevitable and nothing could stop time from blazing through the calendars of 2018. Now, I know-- I've been gone for a while now, and there have been less and less updates recently, but there really is so much more going on now than I've shared to you before. … Continue reading Wheeling for 2019



Down to the fourth week of October, and time-- like as always flew by. In my last post, I've written about my obsession with "Stranger things have happened" by foo fighters, while sharing a few of the recent updates with what has been going on with my life recently. Some of you were able to … Continue reading PRESS PLAY: NEXT TRACK

Stranger Things Have Happened

Recently, I fell in-love with the song Stranger things have happened by foo fighters. Thus, prompts the title itself. I mean,  its been weeks since my last post and I know I've been having a difficult time keeping up with everything that needs to be posted. Despite WordPress having a feature to prepare articles in … Continue reading Stranger Things Have Happened

Storyboard: The Study & Struggle

After listening to a bucket load of original pinoy music from the local underground scene. I've been working on a commission with my team since July of this year. Sadly, I can't reveal the name of the band or any other details but, here's a few things I can definitely share. I finally finished 80 … Continue reading Storyboard: The Study & Struggle

JULY 2018 – Borderline Crazy Moods

Dear Readers, Its been awhile since my last post-- and seriously. I can't apologize enough. I'm struggling and that is an honest truth. It isn't about content or anything-- its more about time. I'm in-between crossroads at the moment. I suppose it's because there is only a few days remaining before my birthday. Frankly, there … Continue reading JULY 2018 – Borderline Crazy Moods