Rediscovering Video Editing

Finally! After 6 years in hiatus-- I managed to get back into video editing. Now, I know it ain't much but, it's a start really-- using adobe after effects and re-learning the basics from editing wasn't easy at first since  it took a lot of effort to dig back into the depths of my brain … Continue reading Rediscovering Video Editing


The Rhythm to my decision

In my previous post. I talked about the updates with both my April and May adventure-- and if I remember correctly, I shared about my new phone and as well as the upcoming album launching, by a local band called Wasted Chemical. If you're new to my blog and you just recently started reading my … Continue reading The Rhythm to my decision

Writing between crossroads

Finally!  I was able to finish sorting out my categories and tags. It took awhile but, I managed to really make sure my seo was in check. Then again, that isn't really the topic for today isn't it? I just thought you might wanted to know the cause for the long pause from my updates. … Continue reading Writing between crossroads

The Price we pay in pursuit of Passion

Greetings to all my readers. I would like to extend my gratitude for your patience with my lack of recent updates-- At the moment, I am currently sorting my archives while organizing my category list for better seo optimization. I figured, instead of updating my blog lay-out, I would focus more with my content and how … Continue reading The Price we pay in pursuit of Passion

In the name of Creative Passion

I was staring in front of my monitor. Thinking about these few covers with one logo posted in this article of sorts. I was thinking about how much fun I've been having lately. Since I get to do what I think would possibly fit the artwork of one of the bands that BRIDGE COMICS PH … Continue reading In the name of Creative Passion