On Notes about progress: Writing & Arts

Updates:  Hello! Thanks for dropping by and checking up on my latest update. The last entry in my Velvet Valentine Progress Journal for editing was dated  February 13 of this year. I supposed you could say, I've ended up in some sort of dark void. A void we're all familiar about-- the dreaded writer's block. Honestly, … Continue reading On Notes about progress: Writing & Arts

Reflections of a wanderer

https://youtu.be/ph_0P_ApK9M?t=6m13s I thought of taking a year off from writing-- but, it seems like I can't do it after all. each time I think of taking a pause, my hands would often wander through my drawers looking for a pen and paper  then, I would often find myself scribbling poems, stories or my thoughts away. Somehow, … Continue reading Reflections of a wanderer

Web overhaul – Part 1

It's 1:53 pm and I'm nearing my limit. I think, sleeping this for a bit will definitely help. My schedule for tomorrow until the weekend is packed and everything is 80% done. Honestly, I haven't fiddled with WordPress this much ever since I started blogging here in wordpress. Its been a crazy experience-- It isn't … Continue reading Web overhaul – Part 1

Tokyo tonkeki & typo hauls

Heya people! Tonight I decided to re-route all my social networks to link them to my appropriate accounts. I think it's basically because I wanted to regulate everything I share online. Also, probably to cover more ground. Then again, I'm not really here to talk too much about it. I'm just literally shock to see … Continue reading Tokyo tonkeki & typo hauls