Welcome to my private space online.

Now, I know some of you may have been expecting a somewhat-formal introduction for my “about me” section, however as I pounded my head to search for the right words to share about myself— my thoughts went blank.
All I know is, in everything I write. I write it from the heart. I suppose, most of the time I tend to post without editing too much, and I guess that’s a bit sad for an excuse really— then again, I want you guys to feel as if you’re reading my post as if I’m talking to you directly. I may not be able to share to you some private facts about where I live or other things that should only be shared between friends or family however, I did try to map out what I could share to you about this blog.
I thought about it from a different angle and here is what you need to know:
• In this blog, I write about my passions for the arts and music.
• I also write feature articles about my favorite authors, places and events.
• There will be announcements about my upcoming stories and book releases.
• Also, I will feature some of my latest and top recommended travel destinations.
My hope and dream for this blog is for it to flourish and be able to connect with the right people who need it most.
I want to thank you for taking the time to drop by— Cheers and Stay awesome!