On notes about Progress: Basic Writing Goals

About Writing: To be brutally honest, writing was NOT my first love. It was just something I did because it was necessary in school.  I paid no attention on how to properly construct my sentences, nor think about how I laid out my thoughts-- be it virtually or traditionally written. However, it seemed like writing kept … Continue reading On notes about Progress: Basic Writing Goals

Writing and Staying True

Hi, if you're reading this right now then you might be one of the few people waiting for my stand alone release of my novel Velvet Valentine in Mirrored Hearts. I'm not yet ready to reveal anything further than the snippets you've read from the #JustWritePH-for Love bundle (but if you're one of the lucky winners of … Continue reading Writing and Staying True

Wattpad: 3 Letters to Saturn

Hello Everyone! As promised here is my first entry for July 2015. It’s a quick update about what I have been up-to all these time. I have already chosen the some-what perfect lay-out for this blog and I am really excited to announce almost everything. BUT-- Since there are still much needed work to do, … Continue reading Wattpad: 3 Letters to Saturn