April snap updates

Right! The official trailer is done and the official teaser trailer for Holy Light is already up and posted. There were so many events going on and I'm excited to share all of these to you--in the mean time, I'd like to re-share this Holy Light song review. via Song Review: Wasted Chemical 'Holy Light'


The Price we pay in pursuit of Passion

Greetings to all my readers. I would like to extend my gratitude for your patience with my lack of recent updates-- At the moment, I am currently sorting my archives while organizing my category list for better seo optimization. I figured, instead of updating my blog lay-out, I would focus more with my content and how … Continue reading The Price we pay in pursuit of Passion

On notes about: Writing with a Team

I've always worked on my projects and goals on my own. It's not because I wanted it to be this way-- or am the type that wants everything done without a problem. I suppose, you could say that all of this is all out of habit. What I mean is-- when you vision things differently. … Continue reading On notes about: Writing with a Team

Fatality by BRIDGE (random verse)

Hello, thank you for the patience. I've edited this for the 3rd time, merely just to clarify some points and add the audio reading. Sorry about the quality folks, just hit up the volume a bit. Hopefully it works well when you do. Here I am, just a worthless fool dreaming of yesterdays hopes with you … Continue reading Fatality by BRIDGE (random verse)

August 1st – Still Breathing

The moment I realized the first day of August is here-- Suddenly I feel restless. I'm not really sure myself, but there is this tugging sensation at the pit of my stomach and I feel anxious to the point where my palms are sweating like crazy. Pacing in my room and then going back to … Continue reading August 1st – Still Breathing