On Coffee, Smokes and Writing II

How long has it been since I last wrote a reflective journal online? I think... Time is often lost with me. There is just so much that goes on inside this mind of mine and the battles often come off as a close call. It isn't always a winning victory and yet, here I am … Continue reading On Coffee, Smokes and Writing II

On Coffee, Smokes & Writing-Closer

At long last, I've found a way to struggle back into writing. How are you guys doing so far? -- Don't worry, you don't need to talk to me about anything specific. I'm not here to force you to share me everything, just thought of asking the question to call your attention at the very … Continue reading On Coffee, Smokes & Writing-Closer

On Coffee Ramblings

I've gluged more coffee than I can ever remember this year. Updates here and there and yet for some reason, almost everything that I've been doing still doesn't make any sense. Wondering if it would get me anywhere. I need to escape, get down and drunk or find a way to write my heart out … Continue reading On Coffee Ramblings