Reflections of a wanderer I thought of taking a year off from writing-- but, it seems like I can't do it after all. each time I think of taking a pause, my hands would often wander through my drawers looking for a pen and paper  then, I would often find myself scribbling poems, stories or my thoughts away. Somehow, … Continue reading Reflections of a wanderer

Anniversary Special Post

   Officially three months and a good first week of April. I've collected the Posters of the events that has happened thus far for the post fit for the fifth year anniversary of this blog.      There is a ton of backlogs to write and yet, I feel the need to take my time and let … Continue reading Anniversary Special Post

Web overhaul – Part 1

It's 1:53 pm and I'm nearing my limit. I think, sleeping this for a bit will definitely help. My schedule for tomorrow until the weekend is packed and everything is 80% done. Honestly, I haven't fiddled with WordPress this much ever since I started blogging here in wordpress. Its been a crazy experience-- It isn't … Continue reading Web overhaul – Part 1