On notes about: Writing a Story

I've been writing one feature after another and I've only managed to write a few personal post for myself.  Today, I've decided to share something from my personal notes in writing. Although, I'm not so sure if it'll do anyone or anybody else the good of reading this post-- there is hope inside of me … Continue reading On notes about: Writing a Story

Make Up kit for Cosplay

I loved how she wrote this, so I’m sharing this for all those who are looking for Make-Up recommendations!

Shoujo's Japanophile adventures

Make up is an essential tool in cosplay. Make up can change and achieve the look of the character you’re portraying. Famous cosplayers like Kaname, Reka, Sushi Monster, Yaya Han, Baozi and Hana, and many others are using it as well! (If you have those perfect skin that is really accurate to your chosen character, I envy you *sniffs*) When I was in college, I only thought that pressed powder, eye shadows and eyeliners are the only ones that I need. However, things have changed when I’ve been exposed to the Cosplay world. Those items that I’ve been using are not enough and after constant research in Google and different facebook groups about cosplay, I finished building up my own make-up kit. To start off with my first post in this blog, let me share to you my very own makeup set that I’m using for cosplay.

IMG_20150624_134013 My makeup collection~…

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This Is Perhaps My Favorite Writing Tip to Share

First of all, I'm thanking adoptingjames for this amazing read. I loved how the tone of voice was written, and I think I can learn a great deal from what he has written. So, If you're a blogger, a writer or even though you haven't decided yet. Check this reblogged entry from adopting james! I … Continue reading This Is Perhaps My Favorite Writing Tip to Share


photo courtesy from The Garden of Words Disclaimer: The said photo above is not owned by Gpicks and that there is no copyright infringement intended. Do you love to write about everything under the sun? Do you like to share your photos, quickie quirky quotes and the likes online? Have something great to share to … Continue reading TIPS TO RALLY UP READERS